Label printing for dummies (and the rest of us)

Wooo! Today I got a picture from the printer of my label on a bottle. Pretty exciting, except they had it in black in when my design is in white ink. OK, not a huge deal. Thank god I asked for a mockup or photo to approve before they got started.  Again, not the end of the world but if I hadn’t asked for that, I may have gotten 500 bottles printed in the wrong color.

product mockup

Brave Bee Spicy Honey mockup

Here are a few tips I learned the hard way while working through my label printing.

  • Be explicit in what you want; people are not mind readers
  • Ask your printer if they have a preferred design file type or if they have templates
  • Find out what the total printing time is, including artwork approval, printing and shipping times
  • Don’t pay the full total up front! That is a total red flag. Printers should only ask for a 50% deposit to get started.
  • Get the minimum amount printed for your first run. You WILL find a mistake and it’s better to only end up with 250 rather than 2500.
  • Find out if they offer packaging storage and if there is a fee.  You may want to order 1000 units and have them printed 250 at a time. If you can have them shipped from the supplier directly to the printer and stored there, you will save precious $ on shipping.
  • And of course, ask for a final mockup or photo before they send to print.

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