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Honey Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail

A cocktail made to warm you up inside and out.


Spicy Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts are pretty amazing on their own, step it up a notch by added our special secret ingredient.


Spicy Honey Chicken Crispers

These are a home version of Chili's Chicken Crispers. These are so easy, you'll be making them every time you get a craving.


Spicy Apple & Cabbage Slaw

This sweet and spicy slaw has just the right amount of crunch!


The Angry Mule Cocktail

The Angry Mule Print Recipe The perfect spicy adaptation of the Moscow Mule CourseCocktails Servings Prep Time 1 drink 5...


First Product Demo is Done!

Last weekend I gave my first product demo.  It was equal parts nerve wracking and exciting because, for the first time...

Label printing for dummies (and the rest of us)

Label printing for dummies (and the rest of us)

Wooo! Today I got a picture from the printer of my label on a bottle. Pretty exciting, except they had...

So you want to start a food business?

So you want to start a food business?

Well you’re in luck because the climate is just right for small business and food startups. Shoppers have become more...

Get yo’ bad self a mentor

Get yo’ bad self a mentor

People always say you should get a mentor to help you along whatever path you are on.  I always thought,...

A little about Hivecraft

A little about Hivecraft

Welcome to Hivecraft!  I’m Vanessa, the chief maker (and accountant, web designer, marketing dept, etc). I got started along the...